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Engaging children with activities and igniting curiosity in young minds with the new methodology of education know as STEM has become a new highlight .


The term STEM stands for Science,Technology,Engineering and Math. Does it seem too complicated? We find it quite inquisitive in whatever things they see around them and wish to get into the dearth of understanding it. Keeping all those thoughts in mind and give the children explore their burning desire and enabling young minds to innovate and create their heart’s desire was the reason of the birth of the STEM technology.


Living in the 21st century innovative and problem solving skills are a mandatory requirement .STEM education is incorporated in schools nowadays which has also become an enhancement to the curriculum.Parents have to motivate their children to enroll into STEM based activities which would help them to build a strong foundation for their future.


Importance of STEM


We are surrounded by Science and Maths in our day to day life .Implementing these skills for better understanding what means it all .STEM calls for more experimental learning than of textbook theories .This methodology gives more focus on observation, while they come across a situation they observe it carefully in an out of it and they get to an in depth analysis of the object or scenario given and later their analysis help them to come to a conclusion on how to improvise it and how to implement it and acquire the end result .


STEM at an Early age 

Childhood is the best time to introduce new activities , they develop the new habits and inculcate new skills with ease. It’s always seen that when we leave children to learn something on their own , their research seems to be in death and this helps them remember things for life. STEM is considered to one of the smart choices which needs to be taken at an early age. 


“A good teacher can inspire hope ,ignite imagination, and instill a love of learning” – Brad Henry




STEM education has shown progress to an extent which paves way to a futuristic academic excellence in children .It’s  a key to the betterment of the society .It is driven to show focus to build ,create  improvise and share it to the society .It’s no doubt that kids are obsessed with the in-depth of the variety of day to day objects which is used to create simple to complex problems. A few home used objects like toothpaste, ice ,sand are few to name with science brought into use .While talking about Math ,Puzzles, Lego blocks , Flash cards and many are used to teach addition and subtraction and odd even numbers and so on .Practical sessions are conducted by trained teachers to give a better understanding to the younger generation .

The students develop the technique to integrate different aspects with a touch of creativity and arrive at their desired results.

“Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering and math.”- Ainissa Ramirez ,Science Evangelist.


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