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Glow and Glitter Montessori House of Children offers a safe and secure Hygienic  and stimulating environment for the holistic development of the child. With more focus on physical development of the children by providing them a nature friendly environment and walking their path to stimulate their senses  with the help of a play gym and also nurturing with the knowledge by bringing them close to nature by teaching them basic gardening on growing plants and giving them best of the experiences . 

"If you Educate a  Man you Educate an Individual ,But  
  if You Educate a Woman You Educate a Society "

Had an opportunity to interview the Director and Co founder, Ms. Swetha Anand and Mrs. Sangeetha Prashant

Very Excited to share  the interesting conversation and knowledge gained with the experience of the two amazing personalities who stand as strong pillars of foundation  on their success story. 

1)Initially asked them to share their interests
They shared their common interest on child growth and to educate to the Rural area children and to enlighten them with the knowledge .They loved to take challenge as a joyful way and working with children were their common interests . They felt as an ideal housewife they acquire great skills . They wanted to be helpful to the nation by feeling education is something which would be remembered for life long .

2) What Motivated you to start Glow and Glitter ?

They had visited rural areas and that’s when they came across children  who were not facilitated to buy stationary and the excitement the children show towards the stationary like color pencils  and all so they decided to help them out . And they felt they had supportive partners who encouraged them to follow their passion . 

3) Could you please differentiate between Montessori Education and Kindergarten ?

They gave a crisp statement which said Montessori follows the Child and Kindergarten follows the teacher . Here they were very clear that in Montessori they could give the child the freedom to be on their own and train them . 

4 ) What are the Key Insights you would like to share as an educator ?

They had explained on the usage of online classes and how to balance the screen time with the other activities . 

5) What do Parents like about your school ?

The care taken by them on a personal note and attending to the child’s basic requirements and bringing the children close to nature are a few key highlights the parents feel about the School 

6) What piece of Advice or suggestion would you like to give aspiring  entrepreneurs  who wish to start a Montessori school ? 

 They had emphasized that with an example of Sowing a seed and waiting for a beautiful fruit . So Patience was the Key word  and not monetizing it and to showcase on the importance to value education . This will surely lead to the path of success  growing over the years . 

Was very thankful to Ms. Swetha Anand and Ms. Sangeetha Prashanth for theirs insights about the Montessori Education .We wish them all the very best & success for the growth of Glow and Glitter Montessori House of Children