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A bright and beautiful Sunday morning Sarah sways herself in her turquoise floral dress along the lush green garden surrounded by beautiful fresh Orchids. She walks and walks and after a while, feels thirsty and wishes to drink some water. Turns around and amazed by the beauty of Nature and she exclaimed “ Wowww, it’s a waterfall ”. Quenches her thirst, relaxes on the rock, and admires the beauty.

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She sees no one around her, Her mom missing she remembered her sandwiches but without her favorite Brocolli, her uncle Benjamin who taunts her for her grades and school activities, felt a sigh of relief, her Dad and Bro no one around still no panic attacks, she asked herself “Why ?!”

She says “got to go”!. Walking further down she sees the brightness wading away and it’s sunset time and now it’s going to be dark. Sarah talks to herself “Mom where are you”. Twirling her eyes from left to right and up and down, feels “what if there were wild animals, oh I’m scared ”. Suddenly she hears mild conversations behind a huge rock, scared but still curious to know, tip-toed towards the rock. She saw Wild Animals, she rubbed her eyes and said to herself, “what, Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Panda, Chimpanzee, and Giraffe all sitting together and happily conversing, I am Puzzled ?!.

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The elephant looked at her and invited her for the conversation and offered her delicious food like berries, mangoes, apples, and her favorite broccoli too. They gave her a quiet and comfy place to retire and she was so happy and convinced.

Thoughts rushed into her mind, we humans are always in search of prey not to fulfill our hunger but to fulfill our desires, she remembered her uncle Benjamin who taunts her always on her grades, whereas the wild animals just need prey for their hunger. She’s off to sleep.

Alarm-barks of the chimpanzee, eyes wide open Sarah looks into her mom’s face. She realizes it was all a beautiful dream.

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Core Values

A lesson learned, the child’s mind is very clear and looks at all things in the perspective to learn and captures the happenings around. Let us as humans be more kind, value, and respect each other and be an inspiration for the coming generation than prey seekers.