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Woah! It’s a wonderful Sunday morning! Yells out Tina, Ron comes running down the stairs and asks her, Why are you shouting, You freaked me out! .Tina laughs out loud and runs around the house and kicks Ron’s football out to the garden. Ron screams out “Mommy just look at what Tina is doing, she’s irritating me! .Julia walk’s down the stairs and yells at her “Tina what makes you behave so weird, he’s your brother play with him, instead of irritating him”. She smiles and says “Ok Mommy”.

Ron looks at the doorway and gazes on the roadside, Tina joins him and tells him ok Ron, c’mon let’s play. Ron wears an expression of sadness. Tina peered over his face and asks him, “what’s the problem now? I have come to play with you so let’s just go and play.” Ron swiftly hugs Tina, she freezes for a moment and asks Ron ” Ron, look at me is everything ok? You can tell me, what’s bothering you, I can help you.” Ron speaks out and says ” Tina I miss daddy, I wish he was here with us so he could take us for a holiday and we could have fun together”

Tina looks into her little brother’s eyes and asks him with a smile, “Ron, is that all ? and he quickly says “yes”. Tina replies saying ” he will be joining back this spring break, we can plan a fun trip with Dad, I promise you, Let’s sit with mom and plan for one “. Ron was very happy and he jumps up and down laughing with excitement, Tina could relate to her brother’s emotions as she also was missing her father, but she very well understood that her father’s official work was far too important to leave. Hence she had learned to accept her fate and moved on. She remembered her dad’s promise where he told” we can rock during the spring break.”

Ron and Tina played together for a while, Julia waved, at them asking them to come over for breakfast. Eyes rolling Tina and Ron look at each other and exclaimed  “It’s our favorite chocolate truffle cake”, along with their Egg and Cheese Sandwich and fruit cocktail .” They were running short of words after seeing their scrumptious meal and they both darted towards Julia and hugged her tightly saying ” Thanks so much Mom.” Julia replied tearing up ” love you my little dumplings anything for you. Julia missed Arthur, she answered her inner call by saying “just a few more weeks to pass by” and she gave a pat on Julia and Ron’s shoulders and said in a more enthusiastic tone ” now c’mon I didn’t make the food for you to leave it there, so let’s eat.

Tina enjoying her breakfast told Julia, “Mommy, thank you for such a wonderful treat, Ron and me are enjoying them .” Ron suddenly jumped in between the conversation and said ” Mom I am waiting for the spring break, Dad would be here and he had promised us that he would take us all for a vacation to a new destination,” He looked towards Tina and asked ” Isn’t it Tina? , Tina replied saying, ” Yes Ron, he would surely”, which was supported by Julia who said ” Tina’s right Ron”. They finish their breakfast and help Julia with the dishes and clean up the Kitchen.

The bright morning calls for a beautiful day at the Garden, Julia along with Tina and Ron decides to do some gardening. Ron takes in charge of plucking the weeds, Tina gets the planter ready and Julia plants the tulips, orchids, and roses and waters them. They have a fun time and crack jokes and play around. Ron runs towards Tina with the weeds he plucked and came up with a mischievous thought, “Ron! you don’t want to mess with me! I’ve got muddy hands and you know full well what I can do with them!” said Tina in an authoritative tone. “Aw man, I should’ve known better, Tina, I’m sorry” monotoned Ron. But he suddenly said “But I’m gonna throw ’em on you anyway!” and with that, threw the weeds on Tina and ran away as fast as he could. Julia sees colorful butterflies and rabbits on the other side of the garden, she calls up to Ron and Tina who were busy chasing each other, “Ron, Tina stop chasing each other and come take a look, see how beautiful they are” and she points towards the rabbits and butterflies.

Julia steps inside the house from the backyard to gather a few more gardening tools, she could hear the doorbell ring, she looks through the peephole, she finds no one around. She thought that it was just a hallucination and laughed at herself and moved towards the back door, after taking a few steps she heard the bell again. This time she looked through the peephole again and she found no one. She was very sure that Tina and Ron were playing a prank with her and she was ready to give them a whooping, she furiously opened up the door and yelled “stop this you monkey’s” and a man stood straight up and stared at Julia, Julia was having a look of confusion “A-a-Arthur , She couldn’t believe her eyes! “Welcome home, My darling !” exclaimed Julia, she was just calling out for her kids, meanwhile Arthur wanted to surprise them. He just tip-toed towards the garden, he saw Tina and Ron playing with the rabbits. Arthur hid behind the backyard door and asked Julia ” Ask Tina and Ron to come in and sip in some water,” so that he would surprise them too. Julia called “Tina and Ron, come over and sip in some water and get back to play ” They replied, “Sure Mommy, we will be there ” and they headed towards the door. Arthur was silently hiding behind the door and when they stepped in and sat on the couch, Ron called up to Julia ” Mommy can you get me and Tina some water ? Julia replied saying ” sure kids “. Arthur carries the bottle of water and tells them ” please drink your water “, Tina and Ron looked at Arthur and shouted with delight ” Dad! Dad! you are here before time, What a surprise” said Ron and started crying, “I missed you a lot dad ” said Tina, Arthur hugged Tina and Ron and kissed them on their forehead and Julia joins them.

They all retire on the couch and started catching up on topics about their stories from school and neighborhood. Ron has a list of questions to ask his dad, but he decided to ask the question which Arthur had promised before leaving for work .”Dad where are you taking us for this spring break ?”. Tina says, Dad, we want to visit a place which is different and unexplored by many. Arthur finds a budding excitement of a teenager in  Tina’s talks and looks at Julia and gives a smile, they relish their parenthood.

Arthur comes up with an electrifying thought, and says ” Okay guys, let’s explore Mars this spring, what do you all have to say ?”.Julia looked at Arthur and said, “are you joking Arthur, its way too expensive, let us plan elsewhere.” Tina and Ron were excited and started to build vivid imaginations, “yes daddy that’s an amazing idea, we would all be traveling by rocket ”  Tina looked at Julia and said ” Mommy c’mon be a sport, we have never traveled by Rocket, and dad’s giving us a lifetime of adventure, please mommy just say yes “

Julia looked at Arthur and said, ” If you have thought of going for an adventurous trip then I don’t want to cause a hurdle.” She looked at Tina and Ron and told ” ok sweetie let’s plan.

They all sit together and have their supper and it was bedtime. Arthur tells Tina and Ron, Tomorrow morning we will all sit together and chart out our trip to Mars, are you all ok with it ?”. Julia nods her head to say yes, and Tina and Ron reply “yes Dad” in sync.

Tina and Ron are excited and they wake up early and get ready to discuss, they wait for Arthur. Julia walks down the stairs from her room, and Tina rushes towards her and asks ” Mom, where is Dad ? We need to plan, he told us that we could sit together to plan “. Julia replies telling, “Dad’s freshening up and will be here any moment”. Arthur walks down the stairs, Tina and Ron rush to hug him. Tina says ” Dad can we start to plan ?”.Arthur Says “sure”.

Arthur told Tina and Ron, “Kids, now we would be traveling to a different planet, we need to be energized, so we have to keep ourselves fit and fine, did you all get me ?” Tina and Ron Instantaneously reply “yes daddy”.So they started their workout regime and days passed by and finally, the day arrived here they all were set to start their mission.

All had put on their spacesuits and stepped into the rocket and fastened their seat belts, announcement comes up ” We are all set to fly and the count down begins .” Ron is happy and thrilled and so is Tina. Arthur and Julia were happy to see the excitement on their kid’s faces. They all decided to enjoy every second of the adventurous trip .”T minus 10 seconds” said the PA system. at this point, everyone was very excited. “…5, 4, Ignition, 2, 1, liftoff!” blared the PA system. A sudden rush of weight was put on their chests, because of the gravity and the amount of force the rocket had. After a while, when they were on course to Mars, Beverages were served in freeze-dried packages and that way was floating, Ron and Tina reached out to them and they were happy and were muttering the song ” We are going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship soaring through the sky, Little Einsteins!”

“Finally arrived at Mars, we thanked the astronauts and stepped foot on the Mars. We were welcomed by the Aliens, they looked so skinny and our eyes popped out, and were looking delighted. ” Arthur and family finally reached their room. Ron exclaimed! ” Tina look we are floating”, Tina replied saying “Yes Ron, I am enjoying this ” meanwhile Arthur and Julia arrive at the kid’s room and are happy to see them enjoying their stay. The rooms had gravity chip installed, so they could walk on the ground level Arthur calls out ” Tina, Ron, let’s go and have our dinner it’s widespread .”

They float walk and click pictures and enjoy the scenic view. Julia points out to the moon and says,” it looks so mesmerizing”. They finally reach the dinner zone, wow all the colorful dishes freeze-packed, ice-creams, and pastries all were looking yummy. Ron and Tina could not control their cravings, they rushed to pick up their favorite dishes and walked over the patches on Mars. They interacted with the Aliens, their language looked quite similar to English. Moreover, they had a friendly gesture. Arthur and Julia enjoyed their moonlight walk clasping hands together.

Mars was filled with rocks and plants. It looked very beautiful. After a loaded dinner and a long stroll alongside the greenery all returned back to their rooms. Ron and Tina woke up early and got ready. They walked to their parent’s room and knocked and said ” Mom, Dad, c’mon let’s have a look at the sunrise. It was a beautiful view of the orange ball so close, Tina so excited told: ” Dad look how close we are to the Sun, I am bowled by nature’s giveaways.” Later they had gone to the breakfast counter, had their favorite breakfast, and Tina along with Ron decided to play a game of tennis. later they walked a little further and found the basketball court and they stepped into it as well. Tina saw a space shuttle parked in a distance and told Ron ” Look there Ron, It’s a space shuttle, let’s go and have a look, probably they might be some interesting facts for us to learn .”They stepped in and saw lots of video games and their Alien friends inside welcoming them and briefing them on the games. They played for a while and just stepped out and walked more further down, Arthur and Julia were exploring a different zone, Tina and Ron were at full freedom to explore and understand the functioning of Mars.

Days passed by and spring break was almost getting over. Tina and Ron had utilized their spring break to the best of it.

Finally, with a heavy heart, the 10-day break was all over, in just a flash

 it was time to return to planet Earth.

They packed all bags and picked up a few small rocks as sovereigns and stepped into the rocket before which Ron and Tina hugged the Aliens and said goodbye to them. Arthur and Julia helped the kids step into the rocket and placed the luggage and fastened the seat belt. The countdown began and the journey back to earth resumed.

Finally, they landed on planet Earth. Julia and Arthur picked up their baggage and returned back to their home. Ron and Tina had loads of pleasant memories to share with their friends. Tina and Ron thanked Arthur. “Thank you Dad for such a memorable and adventurous trip, till now we had the opportunity to read about Mars, but now we could Visit it, and it makes me so happy, “said, Tina.”

Memories last forever …..

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